ASFA's Ballet Fitness Certification: Raising the Barre!

Teach the art of ballet as a fitness activity and use the power of the barre to your advantage!    

Ballet is a refined form of fitness and one of the most challenging, yet rewarding types of dance. Although Ballet has origins as far back as the 15th century, the modern form of ballet has been developed since the 19th century and has had a strong influence based on other forms of dance and subgenres. You wouldn't believe several benefits you receive from ballet fitness. Your whole body will receive a workout. This form of dance requires a great amount of balance and flexibility. Furthermore, you must also possess great muscle strength and stamina. As you can see, ballet is not for the fainthearted!

If this form of fitness looks appealing to you, as a fitness professional, you should consider taking the ASFA® ballet barre fitness certification. This is a prominent way to continue your education, learn a new set of skills and develop your fitness resume further. During this certification, you will learn the art of ballet, and you will also understand how it can be used as a fitness activity. Additionally, you will develop your knowledge of a variety of different ballet techniques involving the barre that you can use in your new classes. This certification is very convenient and is based online. You can study from your own home, and to a schedule that suits your work. Furthermore, you can take the examination in a pressure-free environment and at a time that suits you.

Once you are ASFA® certified as a Ballet Barre Fitness Instructor, you can start formulating your own fitness classes. The skills you have learned will transfer perfectly, and you should be able to start attracting new clients straight away. Use the power of ballet to your advantage and become ASFA® certified today!    

Ballet Fitness Certification

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