ASFA New Product Highlight--Advanced Senior Fitness Instruction Certification!

ASFA’s Advanced Senior Fitness Instruction Certification is designed to help experienced fitness professionals better understand the needs of the senior fitness market. Working with seniors is becoming increasingly vital to the fitness professional whose goal is to meet the needs of this quickly changing and growing demographic. ASFA's Advanced Senior Fitness Certification online exam is integral to the fitness professional who wants to remain relevant to what continues to be the fastest growing population in the fitness world.

As more people are living longer and seeking to live healthier lives, the demands on the fitness professional in relation to senior fitness continue to grow. ASFA’s online Advanced Senior Fitness Certification is essential to addressing the needs of this rapidly expanding population. Understanding specific fitness considerations for seniors is imperative to optimizing your older adult clients' workouts and exercise routines as a senior fitness specialist. 

Senior fitness professionals specialize in training older adults that have concerns that a younger population does not. An Advanced Senior Fitness Certification online course completion is one of the most rewarding qualification experiences in fitness. Specialize today by learning functional exercises for seniors.

An Advanced Senior Fitness Instruction Certification from ASFA® can help the experienced fitness professional expand their career through:

- Specialized knowledge in one of fastest growing demographics in fitness industry

- Proven commitment to clients through specifically targeted specialization by becoming senior fitness instructor

- Increased ability to help clients have a better quality of life through fitness

- Enhanced understanding of senior specific health considerations 

Click the link below to get started today with a certification in Advanced Senior Fitness Instruction!

Advanced Senior Fitness Instructor Certification


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