ASFA® Certified: Review Your Portfolio

Boost your professional fitness portfolio and become one of the best in the industry  

As a fitness professional, it is advisable to maintain your portfolio to help your prospects. A well-developed portfolio will help showcase your skills, knowledge and your working history. Potential new clients or employers will be able to look at your portfolio and understand what experience you have as a fitness instructor. A portfolio is also a great way to keep track of your own achievements and developments for your personal gratification. Your portfolio could be a series of printed documents, or even a professionally designed website (or both). Whatever you choose, ASFA® is here to help expand your knowledge base with quality continuing education certifications.

ASFA® has certified thousands of fitness professionals throughout the fitness industry. Fitness professionals understand the importance and usefulness of ASFA’s continuing education qualifications. Our certifications can be completed from your own home, at your own convenience using your Laptop, PC or even Smartphone. You do not have to worry about taking time away from your business or traveling to an examination center. Apart from the convenience, these qualifications also offer tangible benefits to your fitness business. The skills you learn and the practical knowledge you develop is transferable to your clients and fitness classes. You will also be able to create new classes and attract a greater variety of new customers. Finally, you can gain a vital edge over your competition through your dedication to continued education.

ASFA® certifications are a must for your fitness portfolio! To gain the competitive edge, and to bolster the effectiveness of your fitness training, you need to continue your fitness education today!

ASFA® Certifications

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