Are Plyometrics the Right Choice for You?

Plyometrics, also known as jump training, are an explosive and high-impact way to make a big difference in your workout. Due to the nature of the moves, plyometrics may not be the right choice for everyone. A certified fitness instructor personal trainer (CPT) can help you choose which plyometric moves are best suited for you and can show you how to do them correctly.

Plyometric moves involve a lot of jumping to help engage the muscle to have explosive type power. These moves can help runners run faster and can help other athletes in other sports perform faster with quicker turnover of the leg muscles. In some cases, the muscles of the hip joint and the knees can take the brunt force of these moves. If not done correctly, it could cause injury over the long-term. If you have access to health and wellness training, it is a great idea to have a trainer or instructor demonstrate the moves for you and watch your form to make sure you have good alignment. Aside from increasing the risk of injury if done incorrectly, you also may not receive much benefit from the exercises themselves if they are not done properly.

Plyometric moves are done with precision to target specific muscle growth. Exercises like squat jumps, box jumps, and the long jump are highly effective and examples of plyometrics that can be incorporated into your workouts, like High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Athletes who are recovering from injury or those who are very injury prone, may not benefit as much from plyometric styled workouts. Lower impact movements may be best for those who need less impact on their joints. Training older adults requires more of a focus on strength and functional training to improve the quality of their daily living. Plyometric training might be too aggressive for seniors who need strength alternatives as a better option.

Plyometrics can help you build power, strength, increase performance, and agility. Doing them correctly and safely is the key to success.  Mobile personal training creates a great opportunity for individuals who do not have flexibility in their schedules to go to a health club. Fitness videos can also provide instruction on form to help you get the most out of your plyometric workout program. 

So, switch it up—a properly done plyometric routine will boost the efficiency of your workout!

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