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If you are looking for ASFA® reviews, you should check out our success stories page now!  Take a look at this ASFA® review from one our members:

"My success with ASFA® has helped me out greatly in my transition in careers. For about 8 years, I was an NSCA-CSCS who worked in various places, from small-town fitness centers, to metro-area sports training complexes. My last stop as a CSCS was working in a hospital's fitness center & sports performance training franchise, and later, starting up my own training business with boot camps, personal training, and sports training.

In late 2007, I took a relief from my training business and underwent a religious discernment period for the priesthood. I prepared & moved back to my hometown, as my hometown's priest was influential in my discernment. In the middle of 2008, I was not accepted into the seminary, but did stay full-time with my temporary job, turning it into a career change to automotive detailing. In the meantime, my CSCS certification ran out, and I was seeking a basic certification to fill my needs to continue training as a side "hobby job" in my small, rural hometown of about 550 people.

I sought out the ASFA® Sport-Specific Trainer course online. I passed the test and took the lifetime option. I then conducted training programs for athletes during the summertime out of my garage, with my new ASFA® Sport-Specific Trainer certification. In the past few months, I have been involved on a local board to turn the city auditorium into a wellness center, and now have moved my training services to that center. I have a full court gym to use in conducting sports-specific training. Having the ASFA® certification helps me retain credibility in my now part-time role of being a trainer. In the future, I plan to take the new Kettlebell Instructor certification, since I use those as an instrumental part of my training programs for athletes.

Rick K.

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