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What certifications do you have that will give your fitness business and career a credible boost?  

As a fitness professional, it is prudent to keep track of your certifications and regularly review what skills and knowledge you possess. As time progresses, we can forget what we have learned and what skills we have. It is important to make a personal portfolio and keep your certifications up to date. Maybe you have a set of certifications that are out of date and require refresher courses? Maybe you think you do not have enough specified knowledge and would like to develop your skills further? Whatever your situation, the key is to maintain your resume and build a credible knowledge base and skill set that will be appealing to potential clients and employers.

The American Sports and Fitness Association® has a great range of certifications that can help build your resume and have real benefits to your fitness career. Our certifications are based online and can be taken at home, at a time that suits you. Additionally, they are tailored to the fitness industry and contain a great amount of practical information that you can use in your fitness business. When reviewing your qualifications, consider what you have, what you are missing and what you would like to do next. ASFA® can fill these gaps and our certifications can bolster your resume and give you a wider range of tangible skills.

Always remember the importance of keeping your education up-to-date. If you do not display your certifications, skills, and work history, how do you expect potential customers and employers to learn anything about you as a person?

ASFA® Certifications


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