American Sports & Fitness Association® Certified! Legitimize Your Portfolio with Continuing Education Certifications

The Sky is the Limit with Your Fitness Career!

Continuing your fitness education is extemely important. As we grow older, we should seek to learn new skills, develop our knowledge and become well-rounded individuals. Just because you have completed your basic fitness qualification doesn't mean your education should end there. As a personal fitness instructor, you can continue to learn and develop a vast range of practical skills that will help you with your business and career. Developing your personal fitness portfolio is also important. The more you can display to potential customers, the better your service and reputation – the more potential clients you can help. A legitimate way to boost your portfolio is by completing an ASFA® fitness certification(s). These certifications are some of the most credible in the market today and serve a real purpose for your fitness business.

ASFA® certifications are unobtrusive and straightforward. As the study material and exams are based online - you can study and learn at a time that suits you, and without the stress of a classroom environment. This method of learning is often more beneficial as people's minds work better when they feel relaxed and comfortable. Furthermore, these certifications will offer tangible skills, techniques, and knowledge that you can use in your daily work. Whatever you study, you will be able to use the material to create new and exciting classes, and ultimately provide a better service to your clients. Additionally, you should be able to attract new customers and maximize your time and profit.

The variety of certifications you can take is extreme! ASFA® offers Yoga Instruction, Master Level Personal Training, Pilates Instruction, Indoor Cycling, Functional Fitness, Balance and Stability Training and much more… You can literally diversify in the area of fitness you desire. The choice is yours and you do not have to stop at one qualification. Better your serve your client and enhance your career with ASFA® today!

ASFA® Certifications

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