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The goals of a personal trainer and the personal fitness goals of any individual are combined with sports nutrition for maximum results. Your daily nutrition affects your training and your training is affected by your nutrition. It is difficult to achieve any personal fitness goals if your nutrition is not in sync with your training. You could run or exercise all day if you wanted to, but you could never outrun a bad diet. Having a certification in Advanced Sports Nutrition will help you learn the importance of proper nutrition for fitness and you will learn how to use nutrition to support your training.

Sports nutrition is different than the daily diet of the mainstream individuals. Sports nutrition refers more to keeping personal count of your macros (macronutrients) and your micros (micronutrients) to help support your fitness goals.  Your macros are the nutrients that our bodies use in larger amounts for energy, like carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Your micros are the nutrients that our bodies use in smaller amounts, like vitamins and minerals. Both are important and each person has individualized numbers that they can follow for health and fitness success. Any fitness professional who handles health nutrition wellness can benefit from having an Advanced Sports Nutrition Certification.

If a client who is also an endurance athlete wants to get nutrition advice from their coach or trainer, having the Advanced Sports Nutrition Certification would help the trainer or coach break down for the client what macros and micros they need to consume to achieve success in their sport. If another client who is a body builder also requests nutritional advice, their personal nutritional needs would be vastly different from the endurance athlete because sports nutrition would be adjusted to support their individual sports and their personalized needs to support those physical needs. A body builder would need to consume much more protein to support new muscle growth than an endurance athlete would need. If an endurance athlete tried to consume the amounts of protein that body builders needed, they could suffer from gastrointestinal (GI) distress during their training and would not have enough carbohydrates to replenish their glycogen stores for quick energy. 

Trainers with Advanced Sports Nutrition Certification often have access to free nutrition software to assist them when creating individualized nutrition plans for their clients to help support their personal training. Having Advanced Sports Nutrition Certification helps trainers provide better individualized personal training and can help clients target specific fitness goals using nutrition to help complement their fitness training program. Click below to learn more about ASFA’s new Advanced Sports Nutrition Certification! Online, 24/7 convenience—pay only if you pass!

Advanced Sports Nutrition Certification

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