Advanced Senior Fitness Certification – Train for Quality of Life

Advanced senior fitness certification can help you improve the quality of life for seniors.  Degrees in fitness and nutrition teach us that having an active lifestyle and healthy dietary habits and help improve overall wellbeing and quality of life.  For seniors, an active lifestyle and healthy dietary habits provide so much more in their golden year.  Health trainer training for seniors improves their quality of life that promotes independence and functional fitness.

Functional fitness can help seniors strengthen the muscles they use for daily living.  Working with a professional that has a physical trainer job and certification in advanced senior fitness, can help improve those specific areas of concern as well as prevent premature aging of the muscles and joints. Strengthening the core muscles and performing leg exercises that strengthen the joints can help seniors with tasks like climbing stairs, standing up from a chair, sitting down in a chair, and putting groceries away.  Improving functional fitness in seniors also improves stability and balance to lower their risk of falling and prevent injury.  Light resistance training can help improve bone health and strengthen the muscles around the joints to protect them from injury.  Falling is one of the most common accidents for seniors and improving stability and bone health can help prevent serious injury and improve recovery times if they do fall. 

Post rehabilitation exercises can also be done if your senior is injury prone or is recovering from a previous injury.  Working as an advanced senior fitness specialist gives you the opportunity to give back to your community and improve the health and wellbeing of our aging populations.  Society is starting to see a shift in the ratio of seniors in our communities.  Due to technology and medical advancements, seniors are living longer and there is a growing demand for professionals that can work in gerontology and senior health.  Fitness for seniors is a specialty that is also growing to support the needs within our communities.  Training seniors isn’t just about exercise.  It’s training for a better quality of life.

Advanced Senior Fitness Certification

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