Advanced Performance Tip for HIIT Training

HIIT Training stands for High Intensity Interval Training. Interval training includes timed aerobic intervals followed by shorter timed anaerobic intervals. Aerobic interval examples can include plyometric exercises like jumping jacks, jump squats, or running. Shorter anaerobic interval examples can include push-ups, wall sits, or dumbbell exercises. The advantages of HIIT training, or high intensity interval training, is that it burns calories faster and burns the maximum number of calories and fat in comparison to more traditional styled fitness classes. Another advantage is that HIIT training can help improve bone mass and density for those living with osteoporosis. Here are some advanced performance tips to help you get the most out of your high intensity interval training programs:

Use proper form during training. Personal fitness training school cannot stress enough the importance of using proper form while training. Exercises are only beneficial if you are doing them correctly. Poor form also increases your risk of sports injury. If you do not have a personal trainer to demonstrate good exercise form, you can download and use a personal fitness trainer app to watch a how-to demonstration on new exercises using proper form.

Use the right tools for anaerobic conditioning. If you are using dumbbells, make sure the dumbbells are the correct weight. They should be light enough that you are able to maintain a safe form but challenging enough to be able to work to fatigue. If your weights are too light, your workout goes to recovery instead of strength building and lean muscle tissue is not produced. If your weights are too heavy, your form becomes compromised, and risk of sports related injury is increased. If dumbbells are not your favorite resistance training tool, you can use exercise bands, fitness ropes, stability balls, and even your own body weight as resistance while sitting on the ball.

Be mindful of intervals. Use a timer to make sure you stick to your intervals. If you are not using a timer to keep track of interval workouts, you are no longer performing high intensity training intervals and the number of calories and fat you burn is significantly decreased. Stick to your timed intervals for maximum calorie and fat burn. Many individuals will use music as their intervals so that it is easier to keep track without having to mess with gadgets. You can create your own workout mix that either changes the rhythm or gives a verbal prompt when it is time to change exercise styles. Personal fitness software has guides for music selection for HIIT workouts.

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