A New Year – A New You! Commit to Training!

New Year’s Resolutions are made by many each year to commit to a healthier and fitter version of themselves. Creating new healthy habits can be a challenge if a goal or resolution is made with no plan or direction on how to get there. Seeking the help of support and resources such as online nutrition and fitness coaching can significantly improve your success rate. Online fitness and nutrition programs can help you stay on track, help with accountability, and keep motivation levels up and well as inspire to keep going and not give up when life gets busy. Here are a few tips to start your New Year’s off with success:

  1. Identify a realistic goal. Making unhealthy or unrealistic goals only sets the client up for failure and can negatively impact the mental health of the client when an unobtainable goal cannot be met. Make a list of goals you want to accomplish and prioritize them in the order you want to master them. Multiple changes will be difficult to manage all at once and can lead to burn out and frustration. Start small and celebrate each milestone while working towards you bigger goal. For example, cutting out soft drinks or taking the dog for a walk around the block each day are both manageable goals. Studies show that life changes need to occur every day for a minimum of three weeks before they become habits. Add new challenges and goals as you master your list of resolutions.
  2. Look for ways to add fitness into your daily routine without having to do anything extra or workout any longer. For example, switching out your regular office chair for an office ball chair can help with posture, increase stability, and can decrease chronic lower back pain. Another example would be to park in the back of a parking lot instead of the front so that you get a few extra steps coming and going. Each step adds up and after a week, you may be able to achieve a few extra miles just by parking farther out! Taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator is another way to add fitness into your day without having to do anything.
  3. Look at the bigger picture on your personal health. Online holistic health is a great way to view external factors that might be inhibiting success to your personal fitness goals. Holistic health looks at hours of sleep each night, daily dietary habits, stress levels, and family commitments to try to add more balance to life. When things become unbalanced, other negative factors may pop up like high cortisol levels in the body and chronic fatigue. 
  4. Enhance your workouts by taking an online health certification course. Knowledge is power and taking a health or fitness course online can help you learn how to tweak your own fitness plan for success as well as the satisfaction in knowing you are helping other individuals.

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