Dynamic Movement with Kettlebells

ASFA's® Kettlebell certification is a great way to learn methods of improvement for dynamic movement in sports and functional strength. Kettlebell's have been around since the times of Tsarist Russia and have been a trusted training technique of the Russian military. Because of dynamic movement involving momentum and stops, kettlebells is a great workout for professional athletes and many more. Additionally, performance kettlebell training can benefit those who play recreational sports or just want the lean tone body-type with the ability to move quickly and powerfully.

Becoming certified through ASFA® in Kettlebells, shows your clients that you have continued your education in a way that can help assist them reach their performance goals. Learning about figure-eight lunges, windmills, slingshots and many more techniques is a great way to improve the dynamic movement performance that many clients desire. 

ASFA® provides a convenient way to continue your fitness knowledge and test online at your convenience.  Do you train clients who are interested in improving dynamic movement performance?  Is kettlebell training right for them?  Is furthering your personal fitness education with a kettlebell certification right for you?

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