Golf Fitness Certification - Getting Ready for Warm Weather

With warmer weather's arrival, many golfers are looking to get prepared for the golf season. Most are looking forward to the competition and physical exertion of playing throughout the warmer months. Maybe it is time to expand your sales potential this season by tapping into the opportunities made possible by the ASFA's Golf Fitness Instruction Certification.

ASFA provides 24/7 access to our Golf Fitness Instruction Certification, which covers golfing physiology, bio-mechanics of the swing, golfing flexibility training, and more.

All ASFA certifications are risk-free, as participants only pay if they pass. So why not take the next niche marketing specialty step in your fitness career today?

Becoming a Golf Fitness Instructor helps to fill a void that most fitness clubs have. Many golfers are avid about improving their game. But, many personal trainers just maintain one general PT certification.

What will set you apart? Will you just be another trainer at the gym? Will you be the trainer who has several distinct specialties that help you rise about the rest?

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