Customize Your Certifications to Your Client Base

Customizing your certifications to your client base is an essential part of any fitness professional's business plan.  If you work in a dance studio with dance professionals, Golf Fitness Instruction will clearly not be as relevant as Dance Fitness and Hip-Hop Aerobics Instruction.  On the other hand, if you work at a golf course with golf pros...  You see where this is going.  Specializing your qualifications is not always about what you are interested in.  It is about what benefits your clients most.

ASFA’s niche market opportunities include management, personal training to master personal training, as well as specific sports and areas such as self-defense, golf, kickboxing and more.

With niche market certifications, trainers can advertise to specific demographics seeking proven expertise in areas that will help them reach their fitness goals. ASFA certifications allow fitness professionals to easily showcase their skills, proving to clients that they are committed to staying cutting-edge and providing all the latest resources and knowledge to their designed workout programs.

ASFA® Certifications

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