Which Certification is Right for You and Your Clientele?

The American Sports and Fitness Association® (ASFA®) serves as a leading provider of cutting-edge tests and certifications—including Boot Camp Fitness, Aerobics, Advanced Personal Training and more—for physical training professionals in the fitness fields of their choice.

ASFA’s certifications allow fitness professionals a chance to boost their resume and offer clients fun, affordable fitness options in a tough economy.

For experienced trainers seeking continuing education as an avenue to reach high-profit-potential niche markets, ASFA® offers a wide variety of certifications. From a basic Personal Training test to ASFA’s Master Personal Training Certification—complete with information on publishing opportunities provided by ASFA®—ASFA provides the tools needed to advance up the ladder of career success.

In addition to specific training certifications, ASFA® also provides clients with resources such as HPSO, which offers insurance for ASFA® fitness professionals, and other education and business necessities.

Which certification is right for you and your clientele?

ASFA® Certifications

For a list of all of our certifications, just click: Fitness Certifications

To see our Personal Training Certification, just click: Personal Training Certification

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