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The American Sports and Fitness Association® (ASFA®) serves as a leading provider of top fitness certifications for physical training professionals in the fitness and continuing education fields of their choice and continues to earn top reviews from fitness trainers worldwide.

Professional fitness trainers worldwide are sharpening their competitive edge and growing their careers with ASFA®. ASFA® also offers regular newsletters with timely business and fitness training tips.
You can become an ASFA® partner today! The ASFA® partner program helps promote fitness companies of ASFA® members. Check out the partner program and email us for requirements if you are interested!

ASFA® is affiliated with, where clients can enjoy discounts on fitness website development. Human Kinetics works with ASFA® to help provide customers with the high-quality educational materials they need. Healthcare Providers Service Organization has partnered with ASFA® to offer clients professional liability insurance. And PhysicalTherapistSites has joined ASFA® to offer specialized websites for clients seeking to market their services more effectively. 

ASFA® Endorsement page and Partner's page displays many fitness companies affiliated with ASFA®.  Click the link below to check out industry affiliates!

ASFA® Partner Program

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