Sport-Specific Training

Successful personal trainers have learned to incorporate a wide variety of fitness plans into their clients’ overall fitness packages. For those customers with sport-specific goals, the need for flexibility and broad expertise is even greater.

The American Sports and Fitness Association® (ASFA®) allows experienced fitness trainers to readily demonstrate their skills through thoroughly researched certifications available online at any time. ASFA® continually monitors the fitness industry, assessing the latest and most potentially profitable niche markets and providing key certification opportunities in response.

With Sport-Specific Certification from ASFA®, trainers can build their portfolios and increase their earning potential. The Sport-Specific Certification covers workout format, safety considerations and more.

ASFA® also allows trainers to focus on specific sport areas such as Self-defense, Kettlebell Training, Cycling, and Golf Fitness.

ASFA® helps give trainers the cutting-edge knowledge and tools they need in an increasingly competitive industry to help them reach their full potential as business owners with a wide variety of online personal trainer education resources.

ASFA® tests are risk-free and available online for as low as $99. 70% is required for certification, and you only pay if you pass. ASFA® also includes in its testing sites recommended resources for study.

Professional fitness trainers worldwide are earning the competitive edge they need to grow their careers with continuing education certifications addressing the latest fitness trends through the ASFA!

ASFA® Certifications

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