5 Ways to Improve Your Grip Strength

Here are 5 ways that you can improve your grip strength:

1. Farmer’s Walk. You can use dumbbells or weighted plates for this exercise. Hold a weight in each hand and walk around your gym or workout area. The heavier the weights you use, the stronger your grip becomes as you challenge yourself not to drop the weights. This workout is commonly done with bodybuilding workouts to improve strength and grip of weights for better weight training.

2. Hang from a pull-up bar. Hanging from a pull-up bar helps to strengthen your grip while using your own bodyweight as the resistance. After you are comfortable hanging from the bar, you can be creative with this exercise and move back and forth with your hands along the bar.

3. Dumbbell Curls. Dumbbell curls improve grip strength as well and you can add different grips to your dumbbell to change up the placement of your fingers and to use a variety of different grips to strengthen multiple parts of the forearm and hands.

4. Deadlifts. Deadlifts can strengthen your grip as you squeeze the bar during the lift back up. Experiment using different types of grips when performing the deadlift exercise. Health and Wellness coaches can help you with form as well as weight training personal trainers. Your form needs to be good to benefit most from the exercise.

5. Reverse barbell wrist curls. This exercise is performed exclusively by individuals who want to include grip strength training into their personal fitness goals. Doing the exercise in reverse utilizes different muscles within the forearm and hands.  

These are just a handful of exercises that you can do to help improve grip strength. Seniors can work on grip strength to decrease osteoporosis and improve bone health. Improving grip strength also supports functional fitness, stability, and better overall fitness. 

Add some grip strengthening exercises to your current routine for better overall fitness and health. Discover all of the specialty fitness certification opportunities ASFA offers by clicking the link below!




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