5 Simple Water Aerobics Exercises

Water aerobics exercises are a great way to get in shape. Due to the low impact nature from being in the water, many trainers will use water exercises to help with active recovery from hard workouts. Both Certified Water Aerobics Instructors and Certified Personal Trainers can help map out an individualized plan for your specific needs and goals. Below are some easy and simple water aerobics exercises that anybody can do to help build fitness and strength:

1. Run or jog in place.
Water helps take the impact off of your knees allowing you to perform this motion without any pain in your joints. Use high knees to help strengthen the legs against the natural resistance from the water.

2. Walk the length of the lanes.
Set your timer and walk for thirty minutes to an hour, building minutes over time as your build personal fitness. This is a great exercise for injured runners and also for individuals who struggle with mobility. Walking in the pool displaces the weight away from your joints allowing you to do the movements without pain and with fluid motions. Using the outside lanes also gives you the security of being able to hold the wall for additional support if you need it.

3. Jumping.
You can do squat jumps or simple take big jumps in place. You will build strength as you fight the natural resistance from the water, yet with zero impact on the the joints. Anyone recovering from knee injuries can do these safely after they are cleared from their physical therapist. The muscle around the knee can be rebuild safely and slowing by doing jumps or squats in the pool.

4. Bicycle.
This exercise can be performed while sitting on a lower step and holding on to the edge of the pool. Pedal your legs in a bicycle like motion. It will help strengthen the major leg muscles and help tone as you fight the resistance of the water.

5. Outer-leg lifts.
This move can be done while standing near a wall. Extend one leg out to the side and return. This helps to tone and strengthen the legs to and will improve stability and functional fitness.

Performing water aerobics exercises can be beneficial for all ages and fitness levels. If you have a specific injury or personal goal that you are trying to work toward, consult with a Certified Water Aerobics Instructor or Certified Personal Trainer so they can help guide you through the moves correctly. A personalized fitness program can often be completed in a pool with slight modifications to create a low impact workout that builds strength and endurance.

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