5 Incredible Career Paths For A Personal Trainer

1. Youth fitness specialist jobs are a career path option for personal trainers who enjoy working with children. This job can serve a special niche for children’s fitness in any health club or studio. It can also allow you to teach within a school setting or after-school program. Many trainers who specialize in youth fitness also go into coaching and create youth agility drills to help their clients become better in sports and stronger athletes.

2. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) gym training is another career path for personal trainers who have a passion for martial arts fitness. Many of these personal trainers have been involved with martial arts for many years and training within that realm allows them to combine their specialty interests and skills. Martial arts fitness can help build strength, agility, focus, and self-confidence.  

3. Sports coaching can be a career option for personal trainers as well. If you play sports, a personal trainer can help strengthen your skills in your specific sport. If you want to train for a marathon or triathlon, a personal trainer can help create a training plan for you to get you ready for your big day. Personal trainers can also help with functional fitness exercises that can help prevent injury during sports training and competition.

4. Group fitness class instructor is a popular career choice for personal trainers. These trainers work at health clubs and private studios who offer group fitness classes. These can range in variety from aerobic dance to indoor cycling. Group fitness instructors have a lot of fun at their jobs since it changes often and gives them the greatest creative opportunities and can prevent career burn out.

5. Gym manager is another career route for personal trainers. Gym managers get to oversee all of the trainers and classes that happen within the gym. Managing a gym is a perfect choice for trainers who enjoy building a healthy and fit community where they live. Gym managers also get to interact with all of the clients giving them opportunities to share their personal stories for inspiration and motivation. 

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