4 Exercises Older Adults Can Do At Home

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to give up fitness. Changing the way that you work out can allow you to improve your health through fitness as you age and can help you remain independent and injury free in your senior years. There are a variety of exercises that older adults can do at home.

1. Yoga and Mat Pilates are both low-impact options that anybody can do at home. They do not require any equipment other than a mat. The Pilates crunch and other movements can help build strength in the core giving you better stability. Yoga and Mat Pilates are also a great way to focus on flexibility and meditation, with enough resistance to tone up and stay fit.

2. Light resistance training with light weights are another option for older adults working out at home. Using light weights, such as 5-lb dumbbells, can help prevent older adults from losing bone density, or bone mass. If you have never used weights before, it is a good idea to hire a fitness trainer to show you proper form and to make sure you are using good form so that you don’t strain your back. You don’t have to go heavy on the weights to make a positive impact on your health. Weights can easily be done at home or even sitting in a chair.

3. Walking is a fun way to connect with other seniors and enjoy nature while building cardio fitness. Walking is muscle in motion! You don’t have to go fast or go far to build fitness with walking. Consistency is what will benefit you the most from walking. Sticking with a walking program, whether it is five days a week or three days a week will provide health benefits to you in the long term. Walking can help manage weight, reduce stress, lower cortisol and cholesterol, and increase energy. Walking can be done on a treadmill in the comfort of your home or even around the block outside.

4. Resistance bands are another option for senior fitness at home. Resistance band shoulder exercises can be used to improve functional fitness and strength. Resistance bands can be used on different parts of the body for a full body workout.  

These are just a few examples of many different types of exercises that older adults can do at home. Our senior years can be just as active as our younger ones. Making fitness a part of your regular routine can help keep you fit and healthy for many years, including our golden years to come.

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