3 Ways COVID has Affected the Fitness Industry

COVID has changed the way we workout, interact, and socialize during training. The pandemic has also had a huge impact on the fitness industry and the professionals who have wellness careers. When schools and businesses closed in early 2020, the gyms and health care centers closed as well. Anyone who relied solely on going to the gym for fitness had to come up with new and creative ways to get their workouts in while staying safe. Some individuals were forced to put their workouts on hold, causing an increase in weight gain, depression, and mental health disorders. Some medical professionals have referred to this dilemma as the “Covid-15”, citing that the average person has gained an average of 15 pounds since the start of the pandemic. Contributing factors include being quarantined at home, indulging in more comfort foods, working from home, limited financial resources, gym memberships put on hold, social fitness classes and running groups on hold, and lack of motivation. Coming out of the pandemic provides new opportunities for fitness professionals and a fresh start for clients that are ready to take some control back of their personal fitness goals.

It is never too late to reshape your fitness goals or start over. One of the positive things we learned during the pandemic is how resilient we are in the ability to overcome adversity and challenges. We were able to get creative with how we engage in fitness and we tried new things and new ideas to stay fit. Office chair balls and other in-home fitness equipment rose in popularity and demand. Online business coaching ideas for those with careers in health and fitness industry were made so they could continue seeing clients remotely. Virtual fitness became a way to stay connected in the fitness communities and help with accommodation and motivation of daily workouts. Certification classes online became popular as individuals looked for new ways to better their own personal fitness as well as taking the opportunity to better themselves in their personal training career with additional specialty fitness certificates. Others took the opportunity to make a completely new career change and get their certification online in basic personal training.

 There are many new opportunities in the fitness and health field due to the pandemic. The general public is ready to get back in shape and to get back to some of their fitness routines they enjoyed before the start of the pandemic. Starting over is not starting over from scratch; it’s starting over with wisdom, gratitude for health, and the personal drive to overcome personal challenges to reach your personal fitness goals. Get a fresh start and fresh perspective on your fitness goals today with an online fitness certification course

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