3 Benefits of Speed & Agility Training

Speed and agility training can be beneficial for many athletes or for any individual who wants to increase their sports performance. Speed and agility training can also enhance a variety of sports, such as training for a bike race or a marathon. The following are a few benefits of adding Speed and Agility training into your personal training plan: 

1. Powerful output and quickness! Speed and agility training can help athletes create more power in their personal performance for that extra competitive edge. If you hire a PT fitness personal trainer to help train for a marathon or triathlon, speed work will be on your training plan. Working on speed can help you win a podium finish when competing against other athletes or give you a desired qualifying time for future sports events.

2. Injury prevention! Speed and agility training helps strengthen those muscles that usually fatigue easily during competition. You’ll be able to push yourself harder without increasing your risk of injury. If you need to kick up your performance a notch, you’ll be able to tap into that extra power without breaking down or straining yourself.

3. Increase of balance and coordination! Agility training can help improve balance and coordination to help athletes be more stable and nimble on their feet. Football players will use a speed ladder to perform their agility drills to improve foot speed and quickness. Lateral running is a drill that can be used to improve the stability of the knees and ankles. This can be especially beneficial for trail runners and hikers who often run and hike on unstable and technical terrain, such as training for the Appalachian Trail.    

Active personal training can help you determine which speed and agility exercises are best for you and your sport. You can view the personal fitness profile of the trainers in your area to see which ones are involved in the specific sport that you participate in. Coaches and Sports Specific trainers are best at helping you improve your sports performance with speed and agility training.

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