Kettlebells – Not Just a Fad

Kettlebell training has become increasing popular, but is it just a trend?  Will kettlebell training disappear like many fitness ‘fads’?

The answer is--No! Kettlebell training has been practiced since the 1700s.  Kettlebell exercise techniques have been refined over many years to make them what they are today. Trends and fads may come and go, but Kettlebells are obviously here to stay. Kettlebells are a great way to improve your functional fitness while adding some variety to your workout. 

Kettlebell workouts are a great way to get a cardiovascular and toning workout, while at the same time increasing your coordination and functional fitness.  Kettlebell workouts provide a clear win-win for the participant!

If you are interested in Kettlebells workouts, exercises and safety considerations, ASFA's Kettlebell Instructor Certification is exactly the qualification that you are looking for to enhance your fitness knowledge and career path.  So, what are you waiting for, take the next step in your future by becoming a certified kettlebell instructor.

Kettlebell Certification

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