Your Personal Trainer’s Fitness Journey

Every trainer has a story that helped shape their personal fitness journey and their decision to have a career in the fitness and health industry. Stories of inspiration can be motivational for others that are first starting their personal fitness journey. Having a desire to give back and help others achieve those healthy accomplishments are the foundation for a desire to become a personal trainer.  

All individuals who have an interest in being a certified personal trainer (CPT) have to acquire certification to become a personal trainer. There are a variety of ways that a trainer can get their certification. You can take online personal trainer courses and study at your own pace in your free time. This is a fantastic option for those who have a busy schedule and do not have much flexibility. It is also perfect for full-time employees who are considering a career change into a fitness profession. Getting your certification online is the most convenient option since you can study and test from anywhere. There are also classes that you can take in person in a traditional classroom setting if you have a personal training school or program near you.

After your trainer passes the certification course to be a trainer, they may choose to continue their studies and obtain additional specialty certifications in an area of specific interest, such as a strength trainer certification. These extra certifications allow the trainer to have a more extensive knowledge in their field of interest and be able to help additional clients who may have a special need, such as a disability or recovering from an injury.  

These qualifications to become a personal trainer helped your trainer get where they are today.  Each trainer has a special interest in health and fitness and is able to share their journey with you. Some have used fitness to overcome challenges in their lives. Others have used fitness to battle obesity or overcome health issues. Some have used fitness to help overcome a physical disability and gain strength and confidence. Every trainer has a story to share and that story has provided motivation throughout their personal fitness journey.

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