Yoga for Sports Performance

Yoga has been used for many years to help reduce stress, improve focus, calm the mind, improve flexibility, and increase functional fitness.  One of the hidden benefits of yoga is that it can also be used to help improve sports performance! Many sports skills can be strengthened with yoga inspired movements.  Here are some ways that yoga can help improve your sports performance and improve personal fitness:

  1. Yoga helps to reduce sports injuries. Improving flexibility and strengthening the muscles around the joints can help reduce the risk of sports injuries in addition to adding to some extra protection to the joints.  Runners, gymnasts, and other endurance athletes that put a lot of strain of their joints can decrease their risk of sports injury by adding yoga to their training plan. Side planks and tree pose are great yoga exercises that helps to reduce sports injuries. There are a variety of different ways to do side planks so if you are new to yoga, be sure to ask a yoga instructor to demonstrate proper form and modifications if needed. A yoga teacher certification or yoga teacher license can be obtained online through online study programs and online fitness certification schools.
  2. Yoga can help speed up the recovery process after a challenging workout. Lying flat on your back with your legs against the wall in a 90-degree position can help improve circulation so your body can recovery faster.  The Pigeon pose can also help runners and endurance athletes who endure extra strain to the hip flexor muscles. Yoga teacher training certification teaches ways that yoga can be used in sports recovery to help improve sports performance.
  3. Yoga instructor training can help with quick turnover of the legs improving sports performance in sports such as football, baseball, basketball, soccer, and cross country. Downward dog and lunge twist yoga moves can help strengthen the muscles and joints that add power to your workouts and can aid in the reduction of additional strain that put on the joints during points of high training.
  4. Natural bodybuilders can also improve peak performance through increased flexibility and circulation. Yoga can help break down the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles which is a contributing factor to muscle soreness.  Yoga can help improve form and posture and help the body naturally flush out lactic acid for a faster recovery time during resistance and weight training. Upper body strength and flexion in additional to lower body resistance training can both benefit in performance from yoga exercises.
  5. Yoga exercises such as yoga breaths and meditation can help calm the mind and maintain focus during times of high competition. Distance runners will use yoga breaths to help keep their heart rate low when running hill repeats or on difficult terrains.  Using yoga breathing to help maintain a lower heart rate allows you to work a little harder and push yourself past your comfort zone in a safe way.  Every sport can benefit from yoga and sports performance can be enhanced by adding yoga to your routine.  Reach out to a personal trainer and discover how yoga exercises can help improve your personal fitness goals and sports performance!

Yoga Certification

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