Women's Fitness Certification - Specialize!

Whether you are a man or a woman, specializing in Women's Fitness Instruction is a great way to further your fitness knowledge and increase your possible client base.  As a personal trainer or fitness professional, you have a firm grasp on the basic fitness principles that apply to everyone.  When it comes to determining target heart rate zone, BMI, correct exercise form, etc. you are on your game. But, what about understanding the female triad, preeclampsia, anterior pelvic tilt and increased Q-angle?  If you don't immediately know the answers to questions about female specific fitness concerns, maybe it is time for you to specialize. Even if you do know the answer, maybe it is time to take your knowledge to the next level and get certified!

This isn't our parents' generation. Gyms aren't still filled with only free weights and men. Now, men and women come to the gym for many methods of fitness. Whether it is group fitness classes, personal training, kettlebell instruction or functional fitness -- your client base will include women.  It might even be mostly women!  So, if you are a man or a woman, becoming certified in Women's Fitness Instruction is a great way to increase your credentials and credibility while learning skills that apply to half of your client base or more!  Every client wants to know that he/she has the best qualified personal trainer for his/her needs.  This is one reason that many women will only buy personal training for a woman personal trainer.  So, if you are a woman or a man, it is in your best interest to show any female client that you have studied female-specific anatomy and conditions and are the best match for her personal training needs.

ASFA® understands that continuing your education through additional qualifications can put a hamper on your busy client and personal schedule.  That is why we make your test taking experience convenient and at your own pace through our independent study exams and an easy to navigate, mobile-friendly website.  So, when it is convenient for you, specialize your resume and add to your knowledge base with our Women's Fitness Instruction Certification!

Women's Fitness Instruction Certification

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