Women’s Fitness Specialist Certification

When pursuing a health fitness career, understanding what your clients want and having empathy to their needs can help you achieve success. Many health fitness articles have been written about trends in women’s fitness. Even though generalized workouts can be fluid between genders, concentrating in women’s fitness for your female clients can help give them a cutting edge in training due to having an individualized plan that matches how their bodies work. When it comes to personal fitness, no two people are identical and what works for one person, may not work for another. Understanding the unique needs of women's fitness can help you maximize your gains from your workouts.  

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts for women are one way to tailor fitness to women’s specific needs. As estrogen levels drop due to the natural aging process, our bone health starts to decline in a process called osteoporosis. Osteoporosis can make your bones weaker and more brittle, making you very susceptible to injury if you should fall. 

HIIT workouts blend cardio and strength training together for an ultimate workout. The cardio portion of HIIT helps to speed metabolism, blast fat, and increase flexibility and endurance. The shorter strength training portions of HIIT can be done with light weights or lighter barbells. Strength training helps to promote proper bone health and can help strengthen the supporting joints of the body. Women’s muscular structure is also very different from men’s bodies. Men have more muscle than women so it is easier for them to bulk up.  Women do not naturally bulk up. We tend to tone up and build lean muscle mass when strength or resistance training is done. Women also tend to be more social than men and will try almost any type of group exercise class if a friend is going, too. Making workouts more social is appealing for women who want to simply be fit, and have fun. Cardio dance workouts, Pilates, Yoga, Power Yoga, and Martial Arts fitness are all popular women’s fitness classes that build personal fitness, burn calories, and promote women’s health and improve self-esteem.  

Becoming certified as a Women’s Fitness Specialist, can help you learn what makes women’s fitness unique and how workouts can be tailored to address women’s specific fitness and health trends. Click below to get certified with ASFA today! 24/7, online convenience!


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