Which Fitness Training Style is Right for You?

Fitness training and training style can vary depending on what your personal fitness goals are.  Some individuals train for personal health and some may train for a specific goal such as weight loss or athletic endurance.  Whichever type of personal fitness goal you have, there is a training style for you!

Finding out what you like can sometimes be the most challenging part of finding a fitness program that you enjoy doing.  If you are new to fitness or returning after a long break, trying a variety of fitness classes can give you a broad overview of the different types of fitness available.  If you like cardio, but don’t feel safe running or cycling alone outside, there are cycling benefits in gym programs with indoor cycling.  The cycling class music is fun and upbeat, and you don’t have to worry about sharing the road with cars.  If you like the social aspect of fitness, group fitness classes lead by certified health wellness coaches can help create a sociable atmosphere that is fun while you work on getting fit.  

If you like high energy fitness classes, bootcamp styled classes or martial arts fitness lead by a certified kickboxing instructor, will definitely get your heart rate up!  The classes are structure, yet high impact and high energy for maximum calorie loss and fitness gains.  If you are injury prone or new to the classes, be sure to get there early to let your instructor know so they can provide accommodations to you or show you modifications that can be done so that you can keep up with your peers.

If you want to destress and unwind from a busy day, yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, or Barre fitness might be more your style.  Certification yoga programs can help improve flexibility, reduce stress, and improve feelings of overall wellbeing.  Yoga can also improve emotional and mental health by teaching breathing techniques that can be used to improve mood and lower heart rates.

Competitive athletes can up their game with a running or triathlon coach.  Having a professional monitor your mileage, speed, and progress can help them make changes to allow for proper recovery and injury prevention.  If you are unsure where to start on your personal fitness journey, reach out to a fitness consultant or personal trainer to help you learn what you love about fitness!

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