Which Fitness Certification Should You Choose?

What are the Right Qualifications for You?

Once you have started working in the fitness industry, what is the best way for you to continue your fitness knowledge and further your skill-set? It really depends. What is your current level of proficiency? What are your strengths and weaknesses (relating to fitness instruction)?  

The main question: “What is the right certification for me?”

The basic answer: The correct choice of certification for you is whichever qualification is best for furthering your fitness career and optimizing your clients’ results.

The detailed answer:

You need to know your own strengths and weaknesses. Then, you need to focus on bringing your weaknesses up-to-speed. If you are a personal trainer who hasn’t been active or taken a basic course for a few years, you might need to brush-up with a basic personal training certification refresher for your continued education. If you are already a master level personal trainer, but feel that you are missing opportunities in niche markets, then identify the demand and find the correct qualification. If you excel at one-on-one training, then focus your energy on learning how to train groups.

If you are great at strength and conditioning training, but lack nutritional knowledge – then, start studying Sports Nutrition. You see where this is going… Address your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. Once you feel that you have a very strong base knowledge – start specializing in the areas that are most beneficial to your clients. Yes, you heard that right… your clients. Personal training and all fitness professionals are in the business of serving their clients. You might think it is fun and great to learn about training professional athletes. And, it is! But, is that who your average clientele is? If you work in a senior center, are you really serving their needs best by becoming qualified as a speed and agility instructor? We aren’t saying that you shouldn’t get qualifications that you are interested in. We are just saying that you should first focus on what is best for the people who have hired you and then, expand your knowledge into other areas.

Whatever qualification is best for you at your career stage, we are here to help. Click the arrow below to check out our list of certifications and determine which is the best fit for you and your clients!

ASFA® Certifications

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