Which Fitness Certification is Right for You?

ASFA® offers an extensive variety of fitness qualifications tailored for the needs of fitness professionals!

The questions is:  Which certification option is right for you?  That depends.  What is your situation?  Are you looking to take a refresher and get back to the basics?  Are you looking to push your skill set to the next level and be on the cutting-edge of the fitness industry?  Do you want to instruction one-on-one or groups?

Whatever it is that you want, ASFA® has the right qualification for you!  If you are looking to become a Master Personal Trainer or expand into Water Aerobics - we have you covered!  So, what is right for you?  If you want more basic certifications that apply to all populations, maybe you should look to Personal Training or Sports Nutritionist.  If you are looking to teach groups, then Group Fitness/Bootcamp Instruction, Cycling Instruction, Pilates Instruction and more...  Do you need a special population niche?  Then, take a look at Youth Fitness Instruction, Women's Fitness Instruction and Senior Fitness Instruction.

ASFA® has certified many thousands for fitness professionals throughout the United States and Internationally.  Our certifications are offered online and can be taken from the convenience of your own home.  From Balance and Stability Instruction to Master Personal Training - we have the certification that is right for you.  Check out our Certifications page and get the qualification(s) that is right for you!

ASFA® Certifications

For a list of all of our certifications, just click: Fitness Certifications

To see our Personal Training Certification, just click: Personal Training Certification

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