What is Progressive Overload?

If you are looking for weight training workouts that work, progressive overload training is for you! Progressive overload training is when you gradually add reps to your weight training workout to build muscular endurance.  Youth weight training programs will use progressive overload training to make sure that personal fitness is gained safely and gradually.  Adults can use progressive overload as well to build strength while reducing the risk of sports injury.
Health coach program design teams will use progressive overload too for beginner trainers that need effective yet easy routines.  An example of progressive overload in weight training could be applied with dumbbells.  I you are used to doing ten reps of each dumbbell exercise, do twelve reps on the next round, and then bump that up to 14.  You’ll build strength naturally with consistency of routine and by adding additional physical and mental challenges to each set of reps.
Personal trainer resource tools can help if you need more information about how to add a progressive overload plan to your fitness routine.  Being a personal trainer as a career gives you the opportunity to help a variety of clients that come from all levels of fitness.  Progressive overload can be used with clients that are new to fitness as well as for experienced athletes who may have plateaued with their training.  Incorporating different styles of training can help keep the mind and body challenged as well as being an effective tool for preventing boredom in routine.  
Progressive overload training can be done from the comfort of your home with dumbbell training, resistance band training, and even with exercises that use your own body weight as resistance.  Progressive overload training can also be used at a health club or studio using weight machines and gradually adding reps to each set of exercises.  You don’t have to lift heavy to benefit from progressive overload.  If you are wanting to learn more about how progressive overload training can benefit your personal training program, reach out to a personal trainer or sports coach to learn about how new weight training techniques can provide big gains in your training.

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