What is A Double-Split Workout?

Double-split workouts refer to splitting your workouts into sections to maximize muscle gain and to increase personal fitness more quickly and efficiently. Depending on what your personal fitness goals are, a double-split workout can look different from other double-split workouts.  Double-split workouts can be used by endurance athletes, resistance weight trainers, and by other individuals just wanting to maximize their fitness gains. It can help athletes train to their full potential and increase overall fitness and calorie burn. Coaches who obtain a diploma in fitness training have experience with double-split workouts and can help you customize your training to include methods that are best for helping you achieve your personal fitness goals.

A popular double-split workout is to do your cardio exercises in the morning soon after waking up and then doing a weight training routine in the afternoon or evening. Cardio in the morning after waking helps burn stored fat and increases metabolism. It also helps to create a healthy routine and support mental health by starting your day with a good workout and the satisfaction that no matter how stressful your day becomes, you know you’ve had the hard part of your workout complete. If you are a runner and wake up early to run for an hour before getting ready for work and then go to the gym on your lunch break to do weight training, this would be an example of a double-split workout. Cardio can also be done in the form of group fitness classes such as a cardio kick program. If you are a heavy weight trainer and wake up early to do weight training before work, using your lunch break or evening to do an easier lighter workout such as walking, swimming, or yoga would be another example of a double-split workout.

Double-split workouts are most efficient at burning fat and calories because you are getting your heart rate up twice in one day. Double-split workouts can increase your metabolism and make your body more effective at continuing the calorie burn even after you stop your workout. With education health and fitness, trainers are realizing that clients are not a one-size-fits-all and that newer training methods, such as the double-split workout, can help clients who have struggled with other types of training previously. Double-split workouts can also help clients who are recovering from injury or from discomfort in shoulder, allowing them to get in their training by splitting it into two separate workouts. Individuals with chronic aches and pains can also find some relief using the double-split workout method. 

If you stopped seeing improvements in your workouts or feel that you have plateaued, try using the double-split workout method to help jumpstart your metabolism and personal fitness gains. Personal trainers and fitness coaches are great resources for getting started if you are new to training or need a trained eye to help personalize and refresh your training routines. Individuals from all fitness levels can benefit from double-split workout programs. ASFA® Advanced Certifications

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