What Are the Benefits of Water Running Exercises?

Running in the water provides a great full functional body workout that can give you greater overall personal fitness. Water resistance training can give you that toned definition you want without any impact to the joints.

One of the benefits of water running is the ability to train harder without any increased risk of injury to the hip flexor muscles. Running in the water can increase your average speed running when you transition back to road or trail surfaces. The displacement of your weight in water and the light resistance from the pushing through the water creates a lower impact environment where you can push your body harder.

Another benefit of water running exercises is the calorie burn. Since you are able to work harder and use more muscles to stabilize and balance, you burn more calories faster. Individuals who run for one hour in the water burn more calories than their counter elliptical trainer calories, which is another low impact cross training option. Burning more calories will allow you to reach weight loss goals faster without risking injury.

Water running also engages your core muscles more than simply running on the pavement. While working extra hard in water, your core has to work hard to stabilize your body to keep you upright. Engaging additional muscles will increase lean muscle mass and tone you up faster than road running alone.

Water running also allows you to train longer for longer mileage goals without increasing your risk of injury. Many runners break down due to poor form or overuse injuries. Water running turns running from a high impact exercise to a low impact exercise. Running ten miles in the water will not tear down your muscles or joints the same as it would if you were running on the concrete.

Water running can help you reach personal fitness goals more efficiently by providing a lower impact environment that also strengthens your core and protects the joints. Water running can help give you the hardbody workout you have always wanted to succeed at. For personalized assistance with water running, seek out a trainer who has completed their water aerobics certification training. They can help give you tips and monitor your form to help you achieve your personal fitness goals.

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