Water Aerobics Instructor: Fun Water Workouts!

Water aerobics is a fun way to get an overall workout in a relaxing setting. Water aerobics not only provides a cardiovascular workout, but also a fantastic strength training workout as well using weights and the gravity from the water. The water filled environment makes it fun and relieves stress and anxiety. Your fitness clients receive an opportunity to get in a workout while having fun in the water!

Water aerobics is low-impact and easy on the joints. Individuals who suffer from arthritis or who are recovering from an injury are able to build cardio, strength, and resistance training in a water aerobics class. No prior skills are needed to be a participant making water aerobics and fun class that all ages and fitness levels can enjoy and benefit from.

Endurance strength is a big benefit from water aerobics. You use no only the water weights, but also the extra resistance from gravity. You will work harder in a pool that you would on a mat and more muscle groups are engaged to help create that move and to resist the pull and push of the water.

Flexibility is also a big benefit of participating in water aerobics class. The movements are done in various directions and are able to be held longer without the fear of joint pain. More calories are burned during the movements in a pool as compared to doing them on a mat. The extra resistance from the water provides a great overall workout that can’t be beat on the mat!

Studies have shown that water has a calming effect on individuals as well. Even if you are working out in a pool, simply being in a pool has shown to reduce anxiety and relieve stress. Working out is a great stress reliever by itself. Add a workout to water and you have the best reliever of stress available!

Water aerobics is a fun way to burn calories, gain cardiovascular strength, and build muscle. The workout is low-impact and easy on the joints allowing all individuals, regardless of age or fitness level, to participate and have fun. Athletes who suffer from arthritis or who are recovering from certain injuries can find relief and a good workout from water aerobics classes. Try something new and sign up for a water aerobics class today!          

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