Using Functional Fitness To Prevent Injury-Get Certified with ASFA!

Exercise is a great way to get in shape and to maintain a healthy weight. Exercise can also be used to prevent injury in all ages and fitness levels of individuals. A fitness trainer can help you create a functional fitness training plan to help keep you free from injury.

Functional fitness includes exercises that can help increase stability and agility to help prevent an injury or correct a muscular imbalance. Functional workouts are different for each person based on specific areas they where they need help. For example, a runner would benefit most from doing a plyometrics program as part of their training. It would help them create more power and be able to train harder without putting extra strain on their muscles and joints. Older adults use more stability workouts for improved posture and balance to prevent falls. 

Adding a resistance trainer or weight training to your health and fitness training routine can also help you prevent injury. Performing squats to strengthen the quadriceps muscles can help protect the muscle fibers around the knee to prevent common knee injury. You don’t have to use a lot of weight to benefit from resistance training. For squats and lunges, you can benefit from these moves using your own body weight as resistance. Weight training or resistance training also helps prevent loss of bone mass in older adults allowing them to stay more independent in their later years. Working with a trainer that has a strength and conditioning certification can help you identify exercises that you can perform safely to help prevent injury.

Personal training at home or at a gym can help you use fitness to increase personal fitness and stay healthy.  Find a trainer that you enjoy working with. This will make it easier for you to stick to your goals. A personal trainer can also help monitor your progress and make modifications to it as needed after goals have been met and new ones need to be added. Use fitness to improve the quality of your life and keep injuries away!

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