Tying in Tai Chi: Senior Fitness Certified

As the baby-boomer generation ages, senior fitness instruction is more and more in demand.  If you are a fitness instructor and want to learn more about teaching fitness to seniors, ASFA® offers a Senior Fitness Instructor certification that details senior specific motivational techniques, exercises, safety considerations and more...  One great way to keep your senior population interested is by incorporating tai chi movements.

Tai Chi originated as a martial arts style, but due to it's slower, long fluent movements, it has be recently incorporated into Senior Fitness training routines.

So, if you are looking to spice up your senior training, you might want to consider adding some of the static and dynamic poses of tai chi into your training routine.

To learn more about senior specific training and working with the older adult population, just click the link below and check out your learning options with our Senior Fitness Instructor certification!
Senior Fitness Certification Online

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