Triathlon Coach: Endurance Coaching Certification

When you choose to have a personal trainer career, having the right certifications can help you secure the job that you want.  To become a personal trainer, you simply need to complete your course studies and pass the certified personal trainer (CPT) exam at the end. To become one of the top fitness coaches for triathlons, you will want to continue your education to obtain the Triathlon coaching certification.

Triathlon coaching is different than other types of personal training and coaching. Triathletes compete not in just one sport, but three! Triathletes have to excel in swimming, biking, and running. Many athletes excel in one area and have a coach that helps them compete to their full potential in that one area that they excel in the most. Triathlete coaches have to make sure that their clients are able to compete in three different sports well enough to be able to complete the triathlon. It takes more time, more dedication, and sometimes more motivation than other sports. Having your Triathlon coaching certification helps you excel in those areas as a coach so that you can help your clients find success along their personal fitness journey. 

Triathlon coaches must be really good at listening to their clients and being able to analyze their training times, techniques, and form. If you notice your client that used to be very strong start to have slower training times repeatedly, your client might be suffering from fatigue or could be trying to push through an injury. Both could be serious enough to prevent your client from reaching the finish line at their triathlon event. Having the top personal trainer certifications in triathlon coaching can help you notice these patterns before they become problematic for your client. You can add an extra rest day, tone down the intensity of some of the endurance focused workouts or add more cross training days to correct or prevent muscular imbalances.

Triathlon coaching certifications give you the extra advantage in all three sports of swimming, biking, and running to provide your clients with everything they will need to know to achieve success during training and competition. Pushing your body to the limits can sometimes be mentally draining in addition to the obvious physical aspect of training. Your coaching certification can help you with tips to increase brain power so your client will have that extra mental boost that will help them when they are fatigued. That inner voice inside you that urges you to continue pushing past your limits to achieve greatness comes from mental strength.

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Triathlon Coach Certification

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