Tone Up with Mat Pilates

A Pilates exercise program is a great way to tone up using low impact movements that are easy on the joints. Pilates group classes have increased in popularity over the years. Loyal followers of Pilates enjoy the slow, yet controlled movements that increase flexibility and help lengthen the muscle fibers.

An instructor that has had the best Pilates teacher training will be able to help guide new learners and continue to challenge the most experienced students. Mat Pilates are similar to regular Pilates, with the exception that you are performing them on a mat on the floor instead of on equipment. Different instructors have different methods on how to teach mat Pilates, but all styles will help tone you up and build lean muscle tissue.

If you have ever wanted to learn about Pilates, try a class! Many individuals will compare Pilates with yoga info. Although both share many similarities, they are different. Yoga focuses a lot of breathing and meditation. The moves are slow and controlled, but with a heavy emphasis on the patterns of breathing. Yoga is also used as a form of relaxation. Pilates on the other hand, uses slow and controlled movements, but focuses on strength and targeting the muscle fibers in very precise movements. The main focus with Pilates is to tone and strengthen. Mat Pilates can also increase core fitness and will increase functional fitness training that you can apply to other sports and training sessions.

Mat Pilates is also something that you can have the greatest flexibility in where or when you train. Since you perform the moves on a mat, you workouts can easily travel with you.   You can do them at home, or in your office over your lunch break, or while on vacation. You never have to find a gym or studio to get your workout in. You get the opportunity to work out when you want to and wherever you want to. If you live in an area where mat Pilates are taught, it is always fun to take a group class every now and then to learn new moves and to meet others who share similar goals.

Mat Pilates is a great addition to your workout routine for those looking to tone up. It is gentle on the joints and increases strength and flexibility. Mat Pilates is a great introduction into fitness for those that are new or recently returning to fitness. Each person works at their own pace that is challenging for them. You never have to worry about keeping up. You just have to show up and have fun while getting toned.

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