The Fitness Professional’s Roadmap

The fitness professional’s roadmap is similar to individuals who have been positively affected by fitness. They want to help others create those positive lifestyle changes in their own lives. They want to share their story to help inspire and motivate others to be more active and healthy. They want to help guide you along your personal fitness journey to success.  

The fitness professional comes from a variety of backgrounds and skills. Someone who grew up with a passion for dance might be interested in how to become a dance fitness instructor. Dance fitness allows the instructor to combine many different types of dance into a cardio-focused group exercise class. The style and choreography can vary greatly between classes and even instructors since each instructor will have a personal favorite style of dance. Cardio dance is a fun way to blast calories and stay fit while enjoying music and friends.  

A fitness professional who has a background in martial arts might be interested in teaching a self-defense or karate-inspired group fitness exercise classes. A karate-styled fitness class can teach clients simple self-defense moves and the best self-defense technique for specific safety concerns. Martial arts inspired fitness classes can also help increase self-esteem, confidence, and improve stability and strength.  

Fitness professionals were like other fitness enthusiasts in the beginning. They had to decide what type of training they wanted to have as a career. A practice certified personal trainer (CPT) exam can give soon-to-be-trainers a glimpse at what to expect as they get closer to taking their certification exam for personal training. From there, they may choose to continue their education to get a specialty certificate in another area of fitness to further their career options. Specialty certificates can help them work with specific groups of people like youth or senior citizens.  They can also use a specialty certificate to teach a specific class such as indoor cycling or water aerobics. Once trainers receive their personal training certification, their career possibilities are endless.

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