The Benefits of Step Aerobics

An ASFA Step aerobics certification allows you to teach one of the most popular forms of group fitness instruction! Step aerobics has been well loved for many generations for both health and fitness benefits they provide.

Aerobic activity keeps individuals healthy and helps to increase immune systems. Effective corporate wellness programs have noted that providing aerobic activities to their employees, such as step aerobics, has resulted in fewer missed days of work and fewer sick days. Corporations have seen an increase in productivity from their employees who engage in regular aerobic type of activities. Having fewer paid sick days has also helped businesses to not lose as much money or productivity due to sick days.

Fitness trainers who use the caloric expenditure equation to determine how many calories are burned during an activity love using step aerobics for weight loss. If you perform each step aerobics move with high energy output, you can burn close to a thousand calories during a one hour class! That is huge compared to other activities such as running, where the average runner burns about five hundred calories per hour. These numbers vary depending on weight, height, level of fitness, and level of effort.

Step aerobics is also a great way to build endurance. Using step aerobics to get your heart rate up builds cardiovascular fitness and endurance during training. Doing the class often is how to increase your personal endurance. You will know that your endurance has increased when your class gets easier to you as you get stronger. Consistency is the key to building endurance with step aerobics. If you have high blood pressure, be mindful of caffeines effect on blood pressure. You might want to wait until after your step aerobics class to have your morning cup of coffee.

Step aerobics is also good for functional fitness while increasing stability and agility. Some of the moves such as lunges or jumping can be some of the best functional strength exercises. Participating in step aerobics can help you be stronger and fitter for your everyday tasks and chores.

If you need help learning the moves or want to find out how step aerobics can benefit you, contact a certified aerobics instructor to help show you how it’s done.

Step/Kickboxing Aerobics Certification

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