The Benefits of a Cycling Class

Cycling classes can offer many benefits along your personal fitness journey. Cycling is a great form of exercise that can be modified in a variety of different ways to reach individuals on both sides of the fitness spectrum. From the beginner to the advanced cyclist, indoor cycling classes provide fitness benefits to all.

When an instructor goes through physical fitness trainer training, they are always looking for low-impact options for beginners to help individuals find something that they can be successful at and continue personal growth. Indoor cycling classes are great options for those reasons.  It’s low impact and each person can choose to work as hard as they want to. You have complete control over the resistance of the bike and the speed that you pedal. You can choose to be challenged if cycling class is your main workout for the day. You can also choose to go easy on the resistance and give yourself an easy recovery workout if cycling is a cross training or recovery workout for you. 

Another benefit of attending indoor cycling classes is that the group stays together the entire time. Outdoor cyclists often get separated if some of the athletes are more fit or more competitive.

Instructors of all levels, to include those with top personal trainer certification, will agree keeping the class motivated and focused is important. Indoor cycling is an excellent group fitness choice for those exercisers who are more social when it comes to working out. This is also a great opportunity for friends who are at different levels of personal fitness to work out together and both be challenged. 

Indoor cycling classes can also relieve some of the pressure from your joints.  High impact cardio classes can sometimes take a toll on our bodies, whereas cycling allows you to work a lot of those same muscles, but without the impact to the joints. Leg exercises for speed can also be performed on the bike during cycling class.    

Cycling classes are a great change of pace if you are active in other sports. It can help cross train you so that you are able to perform better at other sports. It is also a fantastic class on its own merit and can help torch calories and burn fat, providing you with a great workout in a fun environment. Sound like something you would be interested in taking? Search the internet for a personal trainer site to help you find an instructor in your area. 

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