Take A Dip In The Pool With Water Aerobics

Taking a dip in the pool can do more than just cool you off on a hot summer day. You can tone your entire body with water aerobics. Water Aerobics is the perfect low-impact exercise for anyone needing a challenging workout while taking extra precaution of joint impact and soreness.  

Water aerobics can benefit a variety of individuals. If you train a lot and are injury prone, water fitness can be a great cross-training activity to continue building fitness while giving other muscles a break. Many runners and triathletes have tight hip flexor muscles. Water aerobics gives them greater mobility to work on improving flexibility and stability so that they can work on those weaker muscles for prevention of sports injury.  

Water aerobics is also a perfect activity for senior citizens. The water reduces the impact on their joints and muscles and can improve stability to prevent falls. Senior weight training can also be done in the pool. You can use pool noodles or kick boards and use light pushes under the water for resistance training. The water creates a natural resistance that is safe and effective for seniors. Many health clubs have special dumbbells that are made for use in the pool for heavier resistance training in the water. Of course, your own body weight has enough resistance for beginners to learn the movements and tone up with no extra equipment needed.  

Water aerobics has also been linked to reducing cortisol, or stress, in the body. Cortisol is what your body releases naturally when you are stressed – either emotionally or physically. Cortisol can wreak havoc on your body’s ability to perform physical activities, can have a negative impact on your metabolism, and can make you feel lethargic and chronically tired. Participating in a water aerobics class can help decrease stress and cortisol levels in the body helping you obtain a higher quality of life and increased energy.

Next time you think about taking a dip in the pool, take your workouts with you! Compound movement exercises, such as squats, lunges, and lunges with a twist can all be done in the pool with less resistance for maximum benefits.  

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