Tai Chi - Low-Impact Fitness

Tai Chi is a great form of fitness that is low-impact. Due to the style of fitness, Tai Chi moves are good exercises for older adults and the elderly. Fitness for older adults can be challenging as life stage changes happen and we naturally lose a little bit of our balance, our stability, and functional fitness.

Tai Chi exercises are performed slowly and with focus. This will help the mind with focus and also with muscle control and functional movements. The moves are done in a flow like sequence, but can be easily modified for anybody who needs extra help or simply has greater balance needs. Tai Chi is also a great low impact fitness choice for those who are returning to fitness from injury and also for those looking for a low impact way to meditate without having to bend into complex yoga moves. Tai Chi can also help quiet the mind and body to prepare you for a busy day ahead or to unwind from the stress of a busy work day. Tai Chi is also something you can do in your own home without having to go to a health club or studio. Many people perform Tai Chi outside for the peacefulness and calmness of nature.

If you are new to Tai Chi, it is best to seek out an instructor so that you can learn the moves properly and also learn ways to modify different moves if needed. The moves are performed slowly and if you do not have proper form, you could get injured or strain a muscle. Many of the senior recreation centers across the United States have Tai Chi classes and senior fitness tips available. Many of the city recreation centers will offer Tai Chi, too.

Tai Chi is also a great way to strengthen and protect the joints. Strengthening the joints will lead to greater mobility and will help to improve overall functional fitness. For the elderly, this means staying independent and mobile for much longer.  But, all ages can benefit from a focused relaxation and improvement of fitness.

Tai Chi is a great low-impact style of fitness that can be enjoyed by all ages and fitness levels. From improving functional fitness to meditation, there is something that everyone can benefit from. Try something new and enjoy a Tai Chi class today!

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