Summer Family Fitness Ideas

Fitness routines don’t have to end when the school year gets out for summer vacation. There are a lot of creative ways to get your family involved and join you for some summer fitness activities. Many individuals are still working on reducing body fat in the early summer months. Engaging your family to join you for family fitness sessions can help you continue your own personal fitness goals while helping your family get healthy and active.

1. Go to the beach or a pool for water fitness opportunities. No more floating around without a purpose!  Challenge your family to a swimming contest. Use the natural resistance of the water to tone up your body and burn calories. You can even perform a plyometric exercise program underwater to take the high-impact off of your joints. Your family will be building their personal fitness while splashing around and having fun in the pool.

2. Sign your family up for something new and different like ice hockey training! Ice skating is a great way to get in a fun cardio session and stay cool on ice during the hot summer months. Learning to ice skate and play ice hockey can help build cardio endurance as well as tone up your leg muscles. Athletes can use ice skating as a cross training activity to help increase endurance and agility in other sports.

3. Let your children be a personal exercise trainer for the afternoon! Have them set up a fitness inspired obstacle course for you to complete. They will get to have fun being creative and will enjoy watching you complete their challenge. You will get to have a high-intensity workout while getting to spend time together as a family.

4. Choose a new park or trail to explore and go on a family hike! Studies have shown that being outside and connecting with nature can reduce cortisol levels and stress. Unplug from electronics for the day and go outside and play! Make a scavenger hunt and discover something new in your ecosystem.  

Summer fitness can be an incredible opportunity for families to try new things together. Making memories can be fitness-themed, too. Make a splash in your summer routine and include your family for continued health benefits that you can enjoy all year long!



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