Step Up to Step Aerobics!

Step aerobics is a group fitness class that can blast calories while having fun.  Many personal trainers for gyms will choose to teach group fitness classes as well to mix up the routine and challenge their clients in a fun and noncompetitive way.  Step aerobics is a high energy exercise routine that is usually choreographed to music that is upbeat and fun.  Each instructor has their own style of teaching and if they teach other types of group fitness classes, they may blend fitness styles together to make each class different and unique.  For example, if a group fitness trainer teachers dance fitness and step aerobics, there could be a blend of dance moves into the aerobic program.  If a group fitness trainer also teaches resistance training programs, they may go heavy on the exercises that promote strength building. 

Step aerobics burns calories and helps tone the body with added resistance from the platform.  The platform has risers on them that can be added to make the platform higher or lower.  This height is what adds resistance to the step up in step aerobics.  The higher the platform is, the more resistance you have and the more challenging it becomes.  Online weight loss consultants encourage participation in group fitness classes, such as step aerobics, for added accountability. Weight loss workout routines promote step aerobics for the high calorie burn and the full body toning. To become a fitness instructor, you will go through all of the basic personal training certification training and then continue your education to obtain a group fitness exercise instructor certification. With group fitness certification, you can teach a variety of group fitness classes including step aerobics.

Step aerobics is usually done at a health club or private fitness studio.  Technology has grown with the fitness field and step aerobic classes can now be done virtually from your home! Live classes can be participated in or downloaded programs can be completed in your spare time. Step aerobics has been a popular aerobic workout for decades and continues to be a well loved favorite workout.

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