Staying Fit Through the Holidays and Winter

Staying fit around the holidays is easier than you think when you set clear goals and follow a training plan. When you need help setting goals and creating a plan to help you reach those goals, hiring someone who is health coach certified can make a big difference. A trainer who has a sports nutritionist certification has completed the requirements for being a personal trainer, yet also has some nutrition and health background.

Setting clear goals helps you take the guess work out of each day. Trying to decide what activity to do and how or where can be stressful. Being able to follow a plan helps prep you mentally for that week. You know exactly what you are going to accomplish that day because you have already written it down and created a plan to stick with it.

Making fitness a part of your routine is important when wanting to stay fit around the holiday season. If you make a plan to work out every morning, you already know when you go to bed that night that you will wake up and get your workout in. Hold yourself accountable or use an accountability partner if you struggle with early morning workouts. Plan to meet a friend for a few miles in the morning. Start a walking group. Connecting with other individuals who have the same goal of staying fit around the holidays can easily bond.

Taking the holiday time to try a new class can be a fun option to re-ignite your joy for working out. You can try a new martial arts fitness program or a trendy yoga class. Both are great examples of how to stay fit when Mother Nature doesn’t want to play nice. Water fitness in the pool is popular or even a good kettlebell workout with a local trainer.

Holiday times can be a stressful time for individuals. Making time for you to go to the gym or grab some miles outside can help leave you feeling energized and proud. Set a clear goal that is realistic so you can track your progress without causing additional stress or panic. Celebrate the smaller accomplishments along the way – they add up into one really big accomplishment in the end.

Sports Nutritionist Certification

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