Stay Cool with Aquatic Fitness

Water aerobics and aquatic fitness classes are a great way to get fit and stay cool in the summer months. Aquatic fitness uses low-impact exercises performed in a pool so that the body is lighter and has less impact on the body’s joints. The resistance of the water naturally provides toning and strength conditioning providing a full body workout that can be enjoyed by all ages and fitness levels.  

Fitness instructor programs offer a variety of different fitness options to incorporate every type of fitness style and exercise class. Aquatic fitness is largely popular for being a unique method of cardiovascular and strength training. Fitness life coach tips include participating in an exercise or activity that is fun so that it becomes part of your healthy lifestyle. Aquatic fitness has grown and evolved a lot from its original days when it was mostly associated with senior fitness classes.  

Now you can take aquatic fitness classes such as aqua barre, aqua blast, combined aqua yoga and pilates, aqua dance fitness, deep water fitness, hydro running, and aquatic high-intensity intervals such as plyometric exercises and speed drills in shallow water. With so much variety to offer, there is truly something for everyone regardless of what your current fitness level is. For active seniors, the original styled water aerobics classes are still widely available and effective for keeping seniors active while improving stability and functional fitness. 

For those who want to engage in an activity to improve your brain function as well, aquatic fitness is your answer! Regular fitness helps to improve brain function, clarity, and focus. We lose plasticity in our brains as we age and our cognitive reasoning and sequencing sometimes becomes more difficult with age. Participating in regular exercise, such as aquatic fitness, can help slow down that process and keeps our brains healthy and active longer.

Aquatic fitness is a great way to stay cool and have fun with fitness and friends over the long, hot summer. Invite your friends and family to try a new experience and enjoy all the benefits of aquatic fitness together.  

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