Starting A Personal Training Business

Obtaining professional trainer jobs in the fitness industry can be a rewarding experience. Starting your own personal training business can be a little more challenging at times, but comes with a lot of opportunity for creativity and growth. 

Personal trainer marketing can be used to help advertise and grow your personal training business. Social media outlets are a great place to market your skills and reach a lot of people in a short amount of time. Advertising your training business within the local community is also essential to getting new clients. Go ahead and attend local health and wellness fairs. Put your name on the community boards at health clubs and local businesses. These are all ways to help build your name within your community.

ASFA's Fitness Professional Kit is designed to help you with the documents needed for a successful business in the fitness industry. Whether you are looking for essential diet and workout logs, business and marketing plan templates, assessment sheets, daily workout summaries or more--ASFA® has the package for you. Included in your Fitness Professional Kit are all the tools you need to help you succeed.

Many trainers have taken their business online to keep up with the growing demands of instant access to workouts. You can create and publish a fitness e-book for clients to purchase and download. You can also create a website or social media channel to host live workouts or post daily workouts.  Clients love access to these types of options for those who enjoy at-home personal training. 

Trainers can also join a personal trainer network to help them connect with other instructors and fitness establishments in their area. There is often a need for private studios to hire outside instructors for a specific class or to sub in if they have a last minute shortage of instructors. This gives you a broader opportunity to connect with others and grow your business.

Having your own business allows you to have the flexibility to work the hours that you want to work. Fitness professionals often work a unique set of hours due to the needs of their individual clients. Many clients work out early in the morning before work or in the evening after work. This gives trainers some down time during the day to either provide their services at other locations or use the time for marketing and advertising to grow their business.

Starting a personal training business can be fun and exciting for fitness professionals who want a more independent and flexible schedule. Having the ASFA certifications you need to succeed leaves you with endless possibilities for career growth. Click below to see all the certifications ASFA has to offer!

ASFA Online Personal Training & Fitness Certifications


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