Start Your Marathon Training For Fall Races

Summer months bring the start of marathon training season for fall marathons. Starting from scratch, it can take up to five months of diligent training to be marathon ready. Seasoned runners take fewer months since their endurance has already been achieved. Marathon training for experienced runners focuses more on speed and technique to continue to make improvements on their times. They too, will take four to five months to prepare.   

If you are new to the sport of running, you might wonder how to find a personal trainer or coach to help you prepare for your first marathon. You will want somebody who coaches runners or has additional certifications in running or endurance sports. If you go to a local health club and ask around, they will be able to recommend someone since so many also do personal training. You can also connect with various running groups on social media to locate a running coach near you to help keep you accountable and motivated.

When you begin your marathon training, you do not need a lot of fancy gadgets. You will need a good pair of running shoes that fit your feet well. Going to a specialty running store where the staff can watch you run and see your gait is the best way to be fitted for that perfect personalized fit. If you have an old pair of running shoes, bring those with you! The staff will be able to see the wear patterns on your shoes to also help you decide on the best fit. Heart rate monitors are also a great tool to have so you can adjust your training based on effort. You should rarely be in the red on a heart rate monitor unless you are sprinting. If your heart rate gets too high, you will know to take walk breaks more often until your endurance has built up.  

Training tempo runs are great for building stamina. Tempo runs are normally run slightly slower than your faster 5k paces. They help build strength and speed. Doing these types of runs on a regular basis will help your marathon time get faster and can give you that extra strength to really push at the end if needed.

When you start your marathon training plan, be sure to put in that work and make that commitment to yourself. It will keep you injury free and also ensure that you have an amazing and memorable experience at your race. Keep in touch with your trainer or coach and let them know if you experience any soreness or injury to your muscle tissue. Trainers can help show you compound movements or exercises that work multiple muscle groups simultaneously to help strengthen and protect your joints and muscles.  Enjoy your marathon journey!

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